So… hi?

If you’re reading this, welcome to my rather uninteresting life! I’m an 19 year old media student who lives in the UK, in a town so small most people don’t know it exists! However; come september I will be studying media at Leeds Trinity University- which is a whole new ball game.

Most of my spare time is taken up by music- I have a rather large list of favourite artists- The Vamps, The Tide, State Champs, With Confidence, Against The Current… the list could go on for days! Concerts are my happy place, and one of my dream jobs is to be a concert photographer, and I have recently been able to start taking my camera into concerts. I love all kinds of photography- not just concert photography- and another of my aspirations is to study photography at the Los Angeles campus of the New York film academy because I love Los Angeles.

That’s all for now, expect this page to be filled up with all sorts- Music reviews, film reviews, concerts, and photos- along with some adventures I’ll share with you.

Peace! Grace 🙂





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