I'm a very nostalgic person and often find myself looking back at things of the past, so I thought I would do the top films I liked as a child. (I had to ask my Mam for help remembering!)

  • Rugrats the movie- for as long as I remember I've loved rugrats the show, so it's no surprise that this was one of my favourite films. As well as this, I equally loved Rugrats in Paris and Rugrats go wild (the wild thornberries crossover film).
  • Look who's talking (1 and 2)- so as a child, a lot of the jokes in this film went way over my head! I never really liked the third film.
  • High school musical 1/2/3- I was one of the biggest high school musical fans and I had a massive crush on Zac Efron (I say had but let's be real he gets better every year so the crush is still here!)
  • Peter Pan~ the animation- This is still one of my favourite all time Disney films (I'll be doing another post on those probably soon) and apparently as a child I loved Tinkerbell!
  • Camp Rock 1/2- I loved the Jonas Brothers, probably because of this film. I also really loved Demi and still love her music, I was a massive Disney channel stan back in the day.
  • Hannah Montana the movie- Who didn't love that film though? I was late to like Hannah Montana because I actually saw the film in the cinema before I'd even watched the series, I don't think we had Disney channel at that point.

When I was younger I wasn't really interested in Disney princesses and I'm a lot more interested in them now! But that's all for my top childhood films, let me know what films you liked as a child in the comments below!

Peace! Grace 🙂


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