Today was pretty bad in terms of weather so myself and my mam decided to go over to the library and get some books out. Since I still have over a month left before university I'm getting bored and wanted some books to read; I was originally looking for a media book but I couldn't find any that were very relevant, so all of these books are from the teen section!
I haven't read these yet as I borrowed them today, but I may do reviews when I eventually read them.

  1. There is no dog- Meg Rosoff

The tag line to this book is 'what if god was a teenage boy?' Which in itself makes you realise it is a comedy book. The blurb is below:

2. The Hit- Melvin Burgess
This book is focused on the concept of death being a pill that can be acquired.

3. Pigeon English- Stephen Kelman
An 11 year old tries to solve a murder case.

I think these books look interesting, as I said before I probably will put reviews up when I've read them!

Peace! Grace đŸ™‚


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