Mini library book haul!

Today was pretty bad in terms of weather so myself and my mam decided to go over to the library and get some books out. Since I still have over a month left before university I'm getting bored and wanted some books to read; I was originally looking for a media book but I couldn't find any that were very relevant, so all of these books are from the teen section!
I haven't read these yet as I borrowed them today, but I may do reviews when I eventually read them.

  1. There is no dog- Meg Rosoff

The tag line to this book is 'what if god was a teenage boy?' Which in itself makes you realise it is a comedy book. The blurb is below:

2. The Hit- Melvin Burgess
This book is focused on the concept of death being a pill that can be acquired.

3. Pigeon English- Stephen Kelman
An 11 year old tries to solve a murder case.

I think these books look interesting, as I said before I probably will put reviews up when I've read them!

Peace! Grace 🙂


Top 5 favourite music videos!

As a media student, most of the times with a piece of media I look for meanings and dig way too deep into the subject! However: most of the time music videos have a lot of meaning and are created to essentially allow the artist to tell the story of the song. So with that said, here are my top 5 favourite music videos that have meaning!

5. Heart made up on you- R5Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 00.04.56.png
The song almost directly reflects on the actions in the music video- the music video is a narrative in which a boy distracts police while his female love interest robs a jewellery shop- and some lyrics from the chorus are ‘my mind says no you’re no good for me, but my heart’s made up on you’ saying that he knows she is bad yet is too in love to stay away from her.

4. If I’m lucky- State Champs


The music video to this acoustic state champs bop has an introduction in which a female voice is speaking about destiny of meeting someone whilst clips of children growing up are shown. The concept for the rest of the video shows vocalist Derek singing and playing guitar in the back of a pickup truck amongst general romantic scenes between him and a love interest.

3. Click my Fingers- The Tide

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 00.09.33.png
Personally this song has helped me a lot through hard times, and whilst not being the most advanced of videos, provides a simple message of trying to make someone smile or laugh by taking them away from a situation that is making them unhappy and distracting them.

2. Losing Myself- State Champs
This video is so fun to watch, and has a narrative around it because it’s set in a water park, and is supposed to be a promotional video for said water park- and honestly this gif of Tyler might have been the best moment in the video:

1. The Vamps- Middle of the night
Okay so this is my personal favourite because it’s so simple and features two characters using sign language to communicate so firstly the representation of deaf/signing people is incredible and so unseen in media!! Secondly it’s a bop and they just got number one album in the UK so that’s even better!

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 00.11.45






Peace! Grace 🙂

Room 94 Concert- 17/12/2016

Room 94 are one of my favourite bands, and since they’re very chilled, I took my DSLR camera to their Newcastle concert last December at Think Tank, and I thought I would share the pictures from that concert on this blog post!

This was one of my favourite concerts and probably the best way for me to get into concert photography. Check them out on spotify and if you like what you hear then get tickets to their September tour from the Lemon Clothing website!

Peace! Grace 🙂


Top childhood films

I'm a very nostalgic person and often find myself looking back at things of the past, so I thought I would do the top films I liked as a child. (I had to ask my Mam for help remembering!)

  • Rugrats the movie- for as long as I remember I've loved rugrats the show, so it's no surprise that this was one of my favourite films. As well as this, I equally loved Rugrats in Paris and Rugrats go wild (the wild thornberries crossover film).
  • Look who's talking (1 and 2)- so as a child, a lot of the jokes in this film went way over my head! I never really liked the third film.
  • High school musical 1/2/3- I was one of the biggest high school musical fans and I had a massive crush on Zac Efron (I say had but let's be real he gets better every year so the crush is still here!)
  • Peter Pan~ the animation- This is still one of my favourite all time Disney films (I'll be doing another post on those probably soon) and apparently as a child I loved Tinkerbell!
  • Camp Rock 1/2- I loved the Jonas Brothers, probably because of this film. I also really loved Demi and still love her music, I was a massive Disney channel stan back in the day.
  • Hannah Montana the movie- Who didn't love that film though? I was late to like Hannah Montana because I actually saw the film in the cinema before I'd even watched the series, I don't think we had Disney channel at that point.

When I was younger I wasn't really interested in Disney princesses and I'm a lot more interested in them now! But that's all for my top childhood films, let me know what films you liked as a child in the comments below!

Peace! Grace 🙂

An introduction of sorts

So… hi?

If you’re reading this, welcome to my rather uninteresting life! I’m an 19 year old media student who lives in the UK, in a town so small most people don’t know it exists! However; come september I will be studying media at Leeds Trinity University- which is a whole new ball game.

Most of my spare time is taken up by music- I have a rather large list of favourite artists- The Vamps, The Tide, State Champs, With Confidence, Against The Current… the list could go on for days! Concerts are my happy place, and one of my dream jobs is to be a concert photographer, and I have recently been able to start taking my camera into concerts. I love all kinds of photography- not just concert photography- and another of my aspirations is to study photography at the Los Angeles campus of the New York film academy because I love Los Angeles.

That’s all for now, expect this page to be filled up with all sorts- Music reviews, film reviews, concerts, and photos- along with some adventures I’ll share with you.

Peace! Grace 🙂